Mineral Fertilizers

BACTOGEN MINERAL FERTILIZERS consist of fertilizers which focus on plants’ macro- and micro-element requirements. Applied through soil and leaves, these fertilizers can be used as bottom fertilizer and top dressing. Washing-induced losses are minimized thanks to doses and formulations which enable effective intake of contained nutrient elements by plants. Their foliar application under adverse soil conditions such as high pH value and and excessive lime compounds which normally impact nutrient intake of plants enables farmers to make immediate intervention in yield losses occuring due to nutrient deficiencies during cultivation. BACTOGEN MINERAL FERTILIZERS include BACTOLIFE BORON POWER, BACTOLIFE CALCIUM POWER 8-0-0, BACTOLIFE COMBI POWER 8-8-8, BACTOLIFE COMBI PROTECT POWER, BACTOLIFE HIGH POWER 20-5-0, BACTOLIFE MIC POWER, BACTOLIFE POWER 25-0-0, BACTOLIFE PROTECT POWER, BACTOLIFE QUALITY POWER 0-0-30 and BACTOLIFE SUPER POWER 10-25-0.