Organomineral Fertilizers

BACTOGEN ORGANOMINERAL FERTILIZERS address macro- and micro-nutrient element requirements of plants and can be used in good agricultural practices. Applied though soil and leaves, these fertilizers also serve as bottom fertilizer and top dressing. In addition to providing nutrient elements to plants they make positive contributions to physical soil properties. Therefore, they enable nutrients to be taken more effectively by plants. Improvements are also seen in plant development and product quality thanks to the indirect effects they have over soil quality index as a result of sustained use. They reduce yield losses resulting from washing thanks to natural chelated contents which enable nutrient elements to be taken more effectively. It enables immediate intervention through foliar application in yield losses which may occur due to nutrient deficiencies during cultivation. They are eco-friendly fertilizers. The BACTOGEN ORGANOMINERAL FERTILIZERS include BACTOLIFE HIGH ORGANO 5-5-0, BACTOLIFE HIGH ORGANO 5-5-5, BACTOLIFE QUALITY ORGANO 4-0-8+ME, BACTOLIFE SUPER ORGANO POWER 10-0-0+ME, HUMICA POWER.